ConferenceByWire is an event streaming solution that brings live and on-demand events directly to the remote viewers over the Internet.

ConferenceByWire allows conference attendees to signup, discuss, compare and virtually attend professional conferences around the world while taking full advantage of the social networking.

Unlike other conference content distributors ConferenceByWire offers its users very flexible conference purchase model. ConferenceByWire participants have an option purchasing live or on demand events in their entirety, or acquire a single...READ MORE →

ConferenceSwarm is part of ConferenceByWire network. It has been specifically designed to optimize Live viewing experience. Conference participants are no longer confined to a highly disruptive and cost prohibitive in person attendance model. Conferences are streamed through a ConferenceSwarm portal as they occur in real-time. Virtual attendants are free to join or disengage at will and convenience.

ConferenceSwarm portal contains tens of thousands of conferences around United States and the World. In order to make finding conferences easier ConfereceSwarm portal is equipped with advanced criteria based search. Search criteria include but not limited to conference category,...READ MORE →

ConferenceHive is part of ConferenceByWire network. It has been specifically designed to optimize On Demand viewing experience. Conference participants no longer have to compromise between multiple conference sessions they are interested in. On Demand conference viewing allows for sequential or randomized viewing of all conference presentations.

ConferenceHive portal contains hundreds of thousands of full conference recordings and individual conference sessions. Besides advanced criteria based search, ConferenceHive search is centered on conference thematic groupings. ConferenceHive portal allows its users to select conferences based of keywords or phrases that were spoken...READ MORE →

Awesome experience

I was skeptical at first, but these guys convinced me otherwise. Great quality video, clear sound, compelling user experience.

said Boris Droutman of  VP of Engineering, Shoedazzle